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Funny Stuffed Animals For Adults Not Just For Kids

Funny Stuffed Animals For Adults: Not Just For Kids

The discussion surrounding stuffed animals rarely extends to adults. You will find hundreds and thousands of articles about stuffed animals for babies and kids on the internet. But what about stuffed animals for adults? Who’s going to take care of those? Well, we are.

Today’s blog post will cover one of the best categories of stuffed animals that are meant more for adults than kids. Yes, we are talking about the funny, hilarious kinds.

Not only are we jumping into the amusing world of funny stuffed animals for adults, but we also have some crazy product recommendations for you that’ll have you ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

Are Stuffed Animals Only For Kids?

The short answer is no; stuffed animals are not only for kids. Sure, these toys were traditionally designed in a way to attract children. Be it teddy bears, unicorns, cats, or dogs, all these animal characters were crafted to make playtime fun.

frog plush stuffed toy aliexpress amazon

However, with time, increased creativity, and improved technology, there has been a huge influx of the types of stuffed animals found today. Many of these toys also cater to adult preferences, interests, and of course, humor.

And for adults still holding on to their childhood stuffed animals, that’s a whole other story. They do so for the sentiments and memories tied to them.

So, hear us out: there is absolutely nothing wrong with adults liking stuffed animals- zip, zilch, nada! No matter the toy’s type or nature, the love for stuffed animals exceeds age barriers. You can be a 10-year-old with a best “plush” friend, a woman in her prime years attached to a gigantic plush toy, or even a 40-year-old man fond of funny stuffies.

What Are The Benefits Of Stuffed Animals For Adults?

The benefits of stuffed animals for adults are many. Hear it from the experts:

Amy Wachholtz, director of clinical health psychology at the University of Colorado Dever, states that some Americans have a habit of attributing human characteristics to objects. We often name our everyday objects, like cars, smartphones, and even plush toys. We do such things along with the act of sleeping with stuffed animals as it offers a sense of community when one feels lonely.

crocodile sutffed toy amazon walmart

Dr. Jade Wu, a researcher, and board-certified sleep psychologist at Duke University School of Medicine, shared her own experience of how sleeping with her older child’s stuffed animal during pregnancy made her more comfortable and soothed her after having nightmares.

3.A 2016 study found that most subjects utilized a stuffed animal as a source of comfort during group psychotherapy.

4.According to Jennifer Martin, a professor at the University of California, LA, and sleep researcher, children frequently sleep with a specific stuffed animal or blanket as it cues the brain to get ready for sleep. The same motives are at play when adults sleep with a stuffed animal.

5.According to Wendy Troxel, a senior behavioral and social scientist, a charming, cuddly teddy bear may offer a sense of warmth and comfort. Kids tend to cuddle and sleep with stuffies while away from their parents. Likewise, single individuals might sleep with stuffed animals to fulfill their social connection needs.

Top 3 Funny Stuffed Animals And Plushies For Adults

In the category of funny stuffed animals and plushies for adults, there are, again, many subtypes. On the one hand, you have those hilarious plushies that wear their humor right on their sleeves. Such plush toys usually sport quirky faces or comical facial features that bring an instant smile to your face.

On the other hand, some plushies require a little effort on your side to grasp the humor they offer. They might come in the form of funny tidbits or clever one-liners stitched onto their fabric.

Below, we have mentioned 3 of the funniest stuffed animals and plushies that will tickle your funny bone. You can find these products on Etsy, Walmart, and company websites.

cute stuffed toy

Peeper Shrimp Plush Doll, Simulation Crab Plush Toy, Crayfish Doll

Any seafood lovers here? If so, you’ll love this crustaceans-inspired set of stuffed animals.

These toys are handmade and carefully crafted by skilled artisans with high-quality materials and attention to detail. You can use them as pillows, whimsical decorative pieces, or even gift them to a fellow seafood lover.

Buy the product here.

Funny Chicken Plush Toy

This Chicken Plush Toy comes in two sizes, 25cm, and 50cm, and two colors, White and Yellow. You can find it online at Walmart.

The toy radiates whimsy and entertainment through its cute design, well-thought features, and vivid colors.

Picture this before heading to the product site – big oval structure, Googly eyes, small chicken legs, the classic comb, and a small beak. You’ll surely break into a chuckle!

Buy the product here.

chicken plush toy

Penis Plush Toys

These toys aren’t stuffed “animals” per se. But any post about funny stuffed plushies for adults would seem incomplete without mentioning penis plush toys.

These unconventional toys bring a whole new brand of humor to the table. They’re created with a lighthearted spirit to cater to the mature audience looking for décor pieces, cuddling companions, or gifts in the form of humor.

Buy the product here.

funny stuffed animal

Making Your Own Funny Stuffed Animals: DIY Guide

For those who have a favorite animal but can’t find its funny rendition in the form of a stuffed toy, you can take the DIY approach. Here’s a basic guide that’ll help you out:

1.Cut out two pieces of fabric in your preferred shape. The best sides of the fabric should turn inwards to face each other.

2.Attach the sides of the fabric with staples or hot glue, leaving a quarter to one-half inch of space at the edge.

3.If you’re making the stuffie for a child, we recommend using hot glue to stick the sides.

4.Once the sides are attached firmly, turn the fabric inside out carefully.

5.Next, stuff the fabric with polyester fiber or cotton.

6.Stick the gap with glue.

7.Finally, decorate your stuffed animal with eyes, nose, mouth, accessories, etc. And ta-da! Your very own stuffed animal is ready to be squished.

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