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Disinfectant Laundry Spray The Ultimate Guide to Sanitizing Fabrics

Disinfectant Laundry Spray: The Ultimate Guide to Sanitizing Fabrics

Washing clothes? Nobody needs a guide on that. But sanitizing laundry remains a mystery for many – from navigating the vast array of fabrics to selecting the right sanitization method for each one.

Hold on, is sanitizing clothes necessary? Well, that depends. While you don’t need to sanitize every single load of laundry, sanitizing your dirtiest clothes is a must.

Why is sanitization important? How do disinfectant laundry sprays work? What about disinfecting your living spaces? We’ll answer all these pressing sanitization questions in today’s blog post. So, read on.

Introduction: Why Disinfecting Fabrics is Essential?

The importance of disinfection, although always relevant, has been magnified to critical levels in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disinfecting fabrics, including clothes, blankets, cushions, pillow covers, etc., is important for one primary reason – to kill disease-causing germs that are not visible to the naked eye.

Doesn’t washing in warm water take care of that? Not really. Washing fabrics removes dirt, grime, and stains from the surface. It might also eliminate some germs, but not all.

This is where disinfection comes in handy. Disinfecting your fabrics kills all disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.

What is Disinfectant Laundry Spray?

What is Disinfectant Laundry Spray

As given in its name, a disinfectant laundry spray is used for disinfecting clean, washed laundry. Most of these sprays are suitable for use on various soft surfaces as long as they are made of fabric. That includes plush toys, stuffed animals, gym bags, fabric couches, curtains, etc.

Bleach has been the traditional go-to choice for disinfecting laundry. However, it’s important to note that not all laundry items or fabrics can tolerate bleach. In such cases, commercial laundry disinfectant sprays come to the rescue. They offer a suitable alternative for clothes that are not safe for a bleach-based wash.

Here are some common uses of disinfectant laundry sprays:

· Their primary purpose is to disinfect laundry. They can eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses from clothing, bedding, and other fabric items.

· You can also use them to disinfect your fabric toys, provided they contain non-toxic, baby-safe ingredients. However, before disinfecting them, always clean your plush toys first.

· You can use it for refreshing soft furnishings like fabric sofas, cushions, couches, and curtains.

· Most disinfectant laundry sprays double as odor eliminators.

· They are great for disinfectant clothes on the go.

How to Use Disinfectant Laundry Spray for Clothes?

How to Use Disinfectant Laundry Spray for Clothes

The instructions to use a disinfectant laundry spray for clothes may vary depending on the specific product. Hence, your best bet is to read the product’s instruction label. Here, the manufacturer typically provides precise directions for optimal usage.

As for a general guideline, follow these steps:

· Shake the can well.

· Hold the disinfectant laundry spray about 15-20 cm from the clothes.

· Spray the entire surface of the clothes until covered in a light mist.

· Allow the clothes to dry completely before wearing or storing them.

Alternative: Disinfectant Spray for Clothes Without Washing

There are days when we don’t have time for a complete laundry cycle and need a quick fix to kill germs from clothes or other fabrics. Perhaps you noticed your kid’s favorite stuffed animal looking less than clean while getting ready for school. Or maybe you need to sanitize the hotel bedding, pillows, and towels while traveling.

In such cases, a disinfectant spray comes in handy. You can use it to quickly clean and freshen your clothes without washing them.

One popular disinfectant laundry spray is the Clorox Fabric Sanitizer. It is safe for use on most fabrics and colors as it has a bleach-free formulation. Plus, it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics and eliminates foul odor from clothes.

Here’s how to use the Clorox Fabric Sanitizer on clothes without washing them:

· Spray it all over the clothes or affected area.

· Let it air dry. This might take around 30 seconds.

· And voila, you’re all set!

Furniture Disinfectant Spray: Ensuring a Clean Living Space

Furniture Disinfectant Spray

Do you have some fabric-covered couches and sofas that desperately need a thorough disinfection? Follow these steps:

Use a soft-bristled brush, clean cloth, or vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust, dirt, and grim build-up from the surface of your furniture.

Use a steam cleaner to kill all germs and bacteria from a fabric couch. It’s one of the most effective ways to sanitize, eliminate foul odors, and even break down stains.

If you don’t have the time to steam clean your furniture, simply use a furniture disinfectant spray like the Lysol Disinfectant Spray. Here’s how to use it:

· Pre-clean the surface.

· Spray your entire furniture until slightly damp.

· Let it remain damp for at least 30 seconds to a minute. Re-spray the surface if needed.

· After that, allow the furniture to air dry.

Clothing Sanitizer: Your Weapon Against Germs

use of Clothing Sanitizer

While most people think washing your clothes is the same as sanitizing them, there is actually a distinct difference. Moreover, sanitizing clothes differs from disinfecting them too.

Clothing sanitizers reduce the amount of germs or bacteria on the surface of clothes, but they do not necessarily kill or destroy them.

On the other hand, clothing disinfectants eliminate as well as kill all germs, bacteria, and viruses usually listed on the product’s label.

Clothing Disinfectant Cleaner: Going Beyond Regular Washing

While regular washing removes visible dirt, grime, and stains from your clothes, a clothing disinfectant cleaner provides an extra layer of protection by killing all disease-causing microorganisms.

As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to disinfect every load of laundry or regular clothes. However, when it comes to your extremely soiled laundry, like your child’s comfort blanket or gym clothes, disinfecting them regularly becomes necessary to maintain hygiene.

what is Clothing Disinfectant Cleaner

Spray that Kills Germs on Fabric: What to Look for?

· Look for a bleach-free formulation for colored clothes.

· The disinfectant spray should be EPA-approved.

· If you’re picking a disinfectant for baby clothes, they should be free of toxic ingredients.

· Look for sprays that offer a quick-drying formula.

· Check if the spray leaves any lingering scent or residue.

· Consider a spray with a user-friendly application method, such as a convenient spray nozzle.

Conclusion: Maintaining a Germ-Free Environment

To conclude this write-up, we’d like to reiterate the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting your fabrics. Disinfecting soft toys, clothes, or fabric-covered furnishings helps maintain a clean and germ-free environment.

Disinfection is not only about making your fabrics look clean and smell fresh. Instead, it has more to do with the safety and overall well-being of you and those around you.

So, make it a habit to prioritize disinfection as a vital part of your cleaning routine.

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