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An In depth Review of Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray For Toys

An In-depth Review of Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray For Toys

Are you looking for the best disinfectant spray for toys? Your search ends here.

In today’s write-up, we will review one of the most effective and best toy disinfectants on the current market – Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray. You’ll learn about its features, efficacy, application, usage, and more.

Stick around till the end.

Introduction – CleanSmart Brand Overview

CleanSmart, founded in 2013, is a household and personal care brand. Their line of products includes surface disinfectants, toy disinfectants, hand cleaner sprays, nursery and baby care, and healthy CPAP systems.

All CleanSmart products are available for sale through retailers like Babies R Us, Grande Foods, Walmart and online stores like Amazon.

What makes all CleanSmart products stand out from their counterparts is the ingredient Hypochlorous. It is a substance produced naturally by the human body to kill germs.

What is Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray?

What is Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray

Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray for toys is one of the best-selling products from the company. It is EPA-approved for sanitizing in all 50 states for daycare centers and home use. Plus, it is pH neutral, too, which means it is safe on the skin.

Like all Clean Smart products, this disinfectant spray is also made with hypochlorous acid, making it safe for cleaning surfaces or toys your child might mouth.

The only drawback of this product is that it is relatively more expensive than its counterparts. So, you might want to reserve it only for your baby’s favorite toys that need regular cleaning.

However, if prioritizing your child’s safety and hygiene is your primary concern, there’s hardly any reason not to invest in the Clean Smart spray.

Features of Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray

Made With Hypochlorous

This toy disinfectant is made with hypochlorous, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, to kill germs, protect, and heal itself.

The scientists at CleanSmart learned how to replicate Hypochlorous and stabilize it in a bottle. Ingredients used to make hypochlorous are simple – just a little salt and water.

What’s best about this disinfectant is that the hypochlorous solution reverts to saline water once sprayed, leaving no harsh residue.

Highly Effective

Don’t underestimate this disinfectant for its gentle, natural ingredients. Although it is baby-safe, it is effective enough to kill up to 99.9% of viruses, fungi, and bacteria,

Free From Toxic Ingredients

Clean Smart disinfectant spray is free from chemicals and toxic ingredients like alcohol, allergens, bleach, ammonia, gluten, and fragrance.

Do note the product carries a faint smell due to the presence of hypochlorous.

Rinse-Free Formulation

As mentioned, once sprayed on toys and other surfaces, the spray reverts to saline water. Hence, it provides a rinse-free disinfection experience. Meaning, you do not need to rinse or wipe the toys after disinfecting them with the Clean Smart spray. It is approved for food contact surfaces, too.

Features of Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray

Efficacy and Application

In this section of the article, let’s review the working mechanism of Clean Smart Toy Disinfectant spray and the proper steps to use it.

How Does Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray Work?

Clean Smart Disinfectant spray uses hypochlorous to kill 99.9% of disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses. It works as effectively as a heavy chemical-based disinfectant but without the risk of toxic residue or chemical fumes.

Once you spray the disinfectant on a surface, it will kill the microorganisms instantly and then revert to saline water.

How Does Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray Work

How to Use Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray on Toys?

You can use Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray on toys, pacifiers, high chairs, bath toys, and food contact surfaces. One important thing to note is that you should always wash plush toys and clean them prior to disinfecting them.

Here are the steps:

· Turn the notched wheel to the “Open” position to spray.

· Hold the spray about 5-10cm from the toy.

· Spritz to cover the entire toy’s surface.

· Let it sit for about 2 minutes, and that’s it.

· If you want, you can always wipe it with a clean cloth. But that’s totally optional.

Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray Vs. Other Disinfectants

How does Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray work against other disinfectants? What’s special about it? How does it stand out from its competition? We’ll look into it under this section.

Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray Vs. Other Disinfectants

Comparative Analysis of Clean Smart Spray With Other Toy Disinfectants

· Sure, most commercial toy disinfectants have the same level of efficacy as Clean Smart Spray. Both can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. However, they are not as gentle and baby-friendly as Clean Smart Spray.

· While other toy disinfectants use harsh ingredients like alcohol, bleach, and ammonia to kill germs, Clean Smart Spray uses a naturally found antimicrobial – hypochlorous acid.

· Clean Smart Spray does not emit toxic or lingering fumes.

· Unlike most toy disinfectants, you need not rinse or wipe a toy after disinfecting it with Clean Smart Spray.

· While most toy disinfectants are safe for disinfecting toys and hard surfaces, they are unsafe for food-contact surfaces. Clean Smart Spray is!

FAQs about Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray

Is Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray Safe?

Yes, Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray is safe. It is EPA-approved for sanitizing in all 50 states.

What Are The Ingredients in Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray?

The ingredients in Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray are hypochlorous acid, ionized water, and a little salt.

Is Clean Smart Disinfectant Safe For Babies?

Yes, Clean Smart Disinfectant is totally safe for babies. You can use it to sanitize all baby products like toys, pacifiers, bath toys, food contact surfaces, etc.

Does Clean Smart Disinfectant Contain Bleach?

No, Clean Smart Disinfectant does not contain bleach. It does carry a faint scent that some users might associate with bleach. But that’s just the natural smell of hypochlorous acid.

Conclusion – Recap and Final Thoughts on Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray For Toys

Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray for toys emerges as a standout choice for parents seeking a reliable and safe solution to keep their children’s playthings clean and germ-free.

This disinfectant excels in efficacy, safety, and versatility. Yet, it is gentle enough to be used safely around pets and babies. Plus, its pH-neutral formula ensures it is gentle on the skin. Really, Clean Smart Disinfectant Spray checks all the boxes one could hope for!

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