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From Concept to Cuddles The Journey of Creating Custom Plushies

From Concept to Cuddles: The Journey of Creating Custom Plushies


Have you ever dreamed of turning your artistic creations into something tangible, something you can hold and cuddle? Well, that’s exactly what I set out to do. In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey through the process of bringing my own custom plushie to life. From the initial idea to design challenges, color choices, collaboration with experts, and finally, the arrival of the sample, this is the story of how I made my very own custom plushie a reality.

In the realm of creativity and artistry, the desire to transform ideas into tangible products often sparks an exciting journey. In this case, the journey begins with the dream of crafting a custom plushie that embodies the essence of a beloved character. Join us as we delve into the process of bringing this dream to life, from the initial concept to the delightful plushie toy known as Sven Bunn.

The Vision Takes Shape

Exploring the World of Plushies

The journey commences with a desire to venture into the realm of plushies, those lovable, huggable companions that bring joy to people of all ages. In the YouTube video titled “I Made my own Custom PLUSHIES!” by Ten Hundred, the artist takes viewers on a journey of designing a custom plushie from start to finish. This blog post will delve deeper into the process, providing a detailed overview of how he collaborated with the Makeship team to bring his plushie creation to life.

The Design Process of Custom Plushie

Seeking the Right Partner

To navigate the intricate world of plushie creation, Ten Hundred seeks out a trusted partner. Enter “Makeship,” a company specializing in transforming artistic visions into physical plushies. This collaboration aims to make the dream of crafting unique art plushies a reality.

The Design Process of Custom Plushie1

The Design Process

With Makeship on board, the creative process unfolds. The goal is to create a plushie that is both iconic and cuddly, instantly recognizable as his art. However, translating intricate details into a plushie presents its own set of challenges. Ten Hundred must strike a balance between complexity and simplicity to ensure the design translates well.

The Design Process of Custom Plushie2

Colors and Details

Crafting a Color Palette

Colors play a crucial role in bringing the plushie to life. Ten Hundred explores Pantone colors, the universal design code, to ensure consistency and accuracy in the final product. A limited color scheme is chosen, not only for design aesthetics but also for manufacturing ease.

Crafting a Color Palette

Feedback and Iterations

The design is submitted to Makeship, where experts analyze its feasibility for plushie production. Attention to detail is key, as small intricacies can pose challenges in plushie manufacturing. Suggestions are made to simplify certain design elements, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and expert advice.

Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond design, Ten Hundred and Makeship share a commitment to environmental responsibility. The plushie comes with a reusable tote bag, aligning with Makeship’s carbon-neutral approach. This ensures that the creation process has a minimal impact on the environment.

Makeship reusable tote bag

Naming the Plushie

Engaging the Community

Naming the plushie becomes a community effort as Ten Hundred turns to his loyal patrons on Patreon for suggestions. The process takes an unexpected turn, and the name “Sven Bunn” emerges as the winning choice, capturing the playful essence of the character.

From Concept to Prototype

Transforming the Sketch

While Ten Hundred continues to work on other projects and videos, the talented designers at Makeship diligently refine the concept sketch. They focus on making it suitable for production, ensuring that every detail aligns with his vision.

The design is submitted to Makeship

The design is submitted to Makeship1

Unveiling the Prototype

The moment arrives when Ten Hundred receives the prototype of Sven Bunn. Opening the package reveals a delightful plushie, complete with a removable backpack. The initial excitement and satisfaction are palpable, as the design has transformed into a tangible reality.

Unveiling the Prototype of Sven Bunn

Unveiling the Prototype of Sven Bunn1

Preparing for Pre-orders Campaign

Awaiting Pre-order

With the prototype approved and a name chosen, the next step is to launch the pre-order campaign. Ten Hundred announces that Sven Bunn is now available for pre-order on the Makeship website, with a limited window of 21 days.

Preparing for Pre orders Campaign

The Road Ahead

The campaign sets the stage for manufacturing, with an estimated 45-day timeline. Once produced, Sven Bunn will embark on a journey to reach admirers worldwide, bringing joy to those who welcome this unique plushie into their lives.

The journey of creating Sven Bunn Plushie


The journey of creating Sven Bunn, from the initial idea to the tangible prototype, showcases the dedication, creativity, and collaboration required to turn artistic visions into delightful reality. As the pre-order campaign unfolds, the anticipation builds, promising a future filled with cuddles and smiles, courtesy of Sven Bunn.

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